Mysterious Bipeds

If you are more of a "visual" person and not really an avid reader, you might enjoy the above featured DVD's. They include interviews with alleged witnesses and some really great recreations. You'll get a fair helping of two-legged mystery creatures along with other cryptids.


A to Z - Mysterious Bipeds Around the World

Recently, "Sasquatch Canada" posted some extremely interesting videos on You Tube. The videos are from a TV series, "Mysterious Encounters" that was aired on the "Outdoor Life Network (OLN)" back in 2003/04.
Below are two of the videos for your viewing pleasure. Visit You Tube for others.

This page is primarily devoted to those mysterious bipeds found on the North American continent (i.e., Canada, United States, Mexico). To find out more about the "cousins" of these "MB's" (mysterious bipeds), please go to "Asia" or "Southern Hemisphere".

UNITED STATES- Start at Alaska and travel down to Florida, via Canada, and you will come across names such as: bigfoot, sasquatch, skunk ape, Ohio grassman, Michigan dog man, Mo Mo. Booger and the Fouke monster. Travel the internet and enter terms like: bigfoot sightings, bigfoot pictures, yeti, sasquatch sightings, sasquatch pictures, bigfoot videos, bigfoot news and you will be deluged with articles, videos and websites pertaining to large hairy giants. It seems like every state in the continental U.S. has a name or names for bigfoot-type creatures. The website for the "Mid-America Bigfoot Research Center" is a great site with an extensive list of local, non-Native American names broken down by state. The number of names is amazing!

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A site dedicated to the relationship between the Native American culture and the hairy giants who walked this earth in years past and who we presently share this earth. To most Native Americans, there is nothing "mysterious" about sasquatch and his brothers. For us non-Native Americans or non- First Nation people, we need to go back to a time when people spoke with the animals and they communicated with us . . . . . . .

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