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On the "A to Z" page you will find video/link updates for "Bluff Creek" and "Mountain Devils". A different video/link regarding the "Chinese Wildman (Yeren)" can be found on the "Asia" page. The foremost authority on "dogmen" and "man wolves" is author, Linda Godfrey. An extremely interesting interview with Linda can be found on the "On The Fringe" page. Also, in the days to come I will be adding a new feature to the "Media Shelf" page. I'm looking at doing reviews of some of the bigfoot information sources like "blogcasts" and "internet bigfoot radio shows". Stay tuned and thank you.


I would like to take just a moment to thank all of you who have taken the time to visit my site. My hope is that you will find something of interest or at least something that will peak your imagination. To those that may have become regular visitors to the website - I would like to extend a special "thank you". It's your continued interest that keeps me and this site going.

- Hi Folks! As work progresses on my new website, "Bigfoot Field Test", I will provide thumbnail previews. The images below relate to one of the first "field tests" or tasks for the bigfoot enthusiast. That "field test" is to learn and identify the various "subspecies" of bigfoot enthusiasts found in the "bigfoot community". This will be done mostly in "tongue-in-cheek"  but with a serious message to convey. I say serious because one of the biggest problems that I see currently in the bigfoot community  is a lack of cooperation, communication and collaboration amongst the various factions within the community.  Most think that their approach is the best and only way. In reality, a combination of different approaches and methodology will probably produce the best results in understanding bigfoot.

Coming Soon To the Internet Near You! A Website For The Discriminating Bigfoot Enthusiast Whether They Be A "Novice" Or An "Old Timer". It Will Be A Bigfoot Website Devoted To Those Individuals Seeking Straight Forward Information On The Bigfoot/Sasquatch Phenomenon. Keep Checking Back For Further Updates In The Coming Weeks. The Website, When Published, Will Be Found At "". Thanks Ahead Of Time For Your Patience.    NEW (06/25/14) - Below is the new logo design for the soon to be published new website.

NEWLY ADDED - This in no way is meant to be an endorsement of Todd Standing or his "Bigfoot North" broadcast but he has had a couple of, in my opinion, very interesting and informative guests. I have always admired and respected  Dr. John Bindernagel.  Below is a link to the program. Take a listen and form your own opinions.


Home Page of soon-to-be published "" - (Snapshot 2)

If you have had the opportunity to read the "About" page on this website, you will see that I have researched and studied the bigfoot phenomenon for over 50 years. I am 100% convinced of the possibility that bigfoot and other bigfoot-like creatures do exist around the world. That being said, I won't insult the intelligence of the visitors to this site by claiming to be a bigfoot "expert". I am simply an "enthusiast", nothing more and nothing less. This may come as a shock and letdown  to a lot of egos out there in the "bigfoot community" but -  there are no "bigfoot experts" or "expert bigfoot trackers" or "expert bigfoot hunters". Also, there is just a small handful of legitimate groups out there doing actual "field research". There are individuals and groups out there that may be more knowledgeable than the average person but there is still too much unknown about bigfoot for any person or group to claim expertise.

The internet is a great thing. You can access a world of information out there. Unfortunately, "information" is not synonymous with either "fact" or "truth".  As stated earlier, I am 100% convinced in the existence of bigfoot. Unfortunately, I am also 100% convinced that 90%+ of  all the bigfoot information floating around out there is incorrect, it is mainly made up of just opinions and assertions that can't be substantiated and finally - much of the video, pictures and reports of sightings/encounters are just flat out "hoaxes".

"If bigfoot researchers wish to be taken seriously they could start by cleaning their own house. The biggest threat to their credibility is not skeptics nor a ridiculing public but instead those who provide an endless stream of bogus claims and evidence." - Benjamin Radford

Radford goes on to say, "These serious scientific researchers are mostly a relic of the past. Today's bigfoot community is populated - many would say contaminated - by publicity-seeking promoters hoaxers and self-styled bigfoot buffs who offer perpetually fruitless weekend tours into the wilderness to look for the beast. Ironically, these folks may sound the death knell for serious bigfoot research. Sooner or later the public will tire of the parade of hoaxers , exaggerated claims and publicity stunts. It will become more and more difficult for sincere, science-minded researchers - such as Todd Disotell and Brian Sykes, two geneticists who have attempted to sequence DNA from unknown animals - to do their work".

It should be noted that Benjamin Radford is an author and "skeptic" in regards to bigfoot. I personally, don't agree with a lot of what he has  to say but I am in full agreement with him in regards to what currently passes as "research" and bigfoot "information".

Starting approximately ten years ago, the needle on my "Bullsh_t Meter" totally exploded and I'm still looking for the needle. It was about at that time that it seemed that everyone started to jump on the bandwagon with their stories and theories. The bigfoot phenomenon became a "cottage industry" for many through the sale of books, films, posters, videos, T-shirts and other bigfoot merchandise. It seems like when money and/or the desire for that "15 minutes of fame" enters the equation - things start to degrade. I feel that is what occurred and is still occurring within the "bigfoot community". In many cases, the search for and the study of bigfoot has degenerated to a freak show and much of the information being presented is nothing more than supermarket tabloid news.

Dr. Jeff Meldrum has made the comment that the bigfoot community needs to "purge some of the sludge out of the gears". I totally agree with Dr. Meldrum and that will be my main objective with the soon to be published website, "". The hope is that the site will be a hub for those seriously seeking a better understanding of the nature and behavior of bigfoot/sasquatch.

The term "field test" was included in the website name because it is a term that seems to be a current "buzz" word in regards to bigfoot. "Field tests" will actually be ideas or suggestions to help the bigfoot enthusiast better navigate the obstacle course of bigfoot information out there. It will not be geared for the person who is content in getting all their information from "YouTube" videos,  from watching virtual reality TV shows and/or from becoming a member of a bigfoot social club posing as a "research group".

Contrary to what it might sound like, it will not be a website for "skeptics". It will be a place for those intelligent enough to temper what they find on the internet with a healthy dose of skepticism and common sense.

If you are inclined to follow the more legitimate researchers and their research, you may want to keep tabs on John Bindernagel and Kathy Moskowitz Strain. Kathy is a researcher with the "Alliance of Independent Bigfoot Researchers (AIBR)". Another interesting website, that takes the scientific approach is "The Relict Hominid Inquiry". I believe that the editor is Jeff Meldrum and the editorial board is made up of such prestigious researchers as: John Bindernagel, Todd Disotell, Esteban Sarmiento, Zhou Guoxing and Ian Redmond just to mention a few.

As stated earlier. I hope that this is a year with fewer hoaxers, "blobsquatches" and the self-acclaimed "bigfoot hunters". Unfortunately, I'm a realist so I'm afraid that we all will still have to deal with the "supermarket tabloid" bigfoot/sasquatch news (i.e., "I Shot Bigfoot", "Bigfoot Is My Psychic Teacher", etc.). I have the utmost  confidence in the intelligence of the visitors to this website and I feel strongly that you can sort out the fact from fiction.

Again, I wish you the very best in 2014. Thanks again for your interest and being part of the "Mysterious Bipeds" and bigfoot/sasquatch community.

Keep tabs on  the research being done by Jeff Meldrum and the "Falcon Project". I will be following them closely in the coming months.

 If you would like to take a break from the recent flood of "supermarket tabloid-like" bigfoot/sasquatch pieces (i.e., dead Pennsylvania bigfoot), check out some interesting videos on the "A to Z" page.

 More DNA Evidence Out Of Colorado? (Click Link)

I recently came across the above photo while scouring the internet to find something new and exciting for the visitors to "MB". It's a picture of what might be the only bigfoot trap in existence. It was taken by Mario D. Vaden of the Oregon state police. The trap is located on Collings Mountain near Applegate Lake in Oregon. The photo and information was found on Wikipedia. Click here to read the full piece.

The "Erickson Project" Photos

I'm asked on a fairly regular basis about my opinion of the "Erickson Project" photos. For most of them, the jury is still out. The picture of the "face" brings up several questions for me. Besides strongly resembling a "Chewbaca" mask, what I can see of the creature's teeth causes me to be a little skeptical. The size of the canines and incisors seem to be out of proportion for an 8' omnivore. They are almost petite. Also, the incisors appear to be perpendicular to the jaw bone. Look at the ape skulls below and you will see that in every case the incisors jut from the jawbone at nearly a 45 degree angle. Even skulls of early man show a slight angle to the incisors. Lastly, most witnesses who claim to have seen a bigfoot's teeth describe them as large and squared. This is a description more in line with teeth of a great ape.  All I can really say in defense of the "face" photo is that while researching "yowie" encounters, some of the Australian witnesses described the "yowie" as looking like "Chewbaca".  Again, I'll leave the call up to you...............


There has been a lot of recent internet stories regarding a decomposed bear paw that was found in Massachusetts by two boys. Many people are making a quantum leap and are stating that the remains actually belong to bigfoot. Below is an analysis of the evidence. you be the judge.

Sasquatch, Bigfoot, Yeti, Skunk Ape, Yeren, Mapinguary, Abominable Snowman, Yowie, Chuchunaa, Nguoi Rung, Bondegezou, Orang Pendek, Almas ....... and many more names.

Stories, legends, reports and sightings from almost every point on the globe and from nearly every culture. From some of the earliest pictographs to modern network news ; the phenomena continues. Reports of two-legged cryptids continue coming in.

Could it all be hallucinations, misidentification or hoaxes that have been perpetuated over countless centuries and in nearly every part of the world? The laws of probability would say  "no". 

Hominoid or hominid? Great ape or missing link? Fact or myth? The debate rages on.

The purpose of this site is primarily to present just some of the vast amount of information or the stories, if you will, that have come to light over the years. The hope is to shed light on reports and legends of mysterious bipeds from around the world and through the ages. Much of the focus will be in the categories of: bigfoot sightings, sasquatch pictures, bigfoot news, pictures of bigfoot, bigfoot facts, sasquatch sightings and bigfoot stories. Information provided will attempt to approach the subject of mysterious bipeds from a global perspective that will maybe find some correlation or commonality amongst the descriptions or behaviors of these enigmatic creatures. "Skeptic" or "believer"? That will be your choice. Hopefully, everyone will find something of interest. All I ask is that you remember the quote that goes something like ......... " The mind is like a parachute, it doesn't work when it is closed."

We talk about a bigfoot or sasquatch being "big" so I thought that I would put things into perspective.  The bigfoot above is based on an average height of 8 feet but there have been reports of creatures as tall as 12 feet tall. That would be a bigfoot one foot taller than the record size polar bear (11 ft.) on the left.
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